Stand up White Man – defend your way of life or lose it

Daily Bale

It’s about time we throw down the politically correct shackles and open up to the real problems in Britain.


It’s all too easy to hide away from fact and deny the evidence if you’re a left-wing product of state brainwashing but there are a large majority of us who are not, we recognise this problem and are not afraid of confronting it.

We know who they are – they hide away on our streets, in the government and throughout every single major facet in society and we know exactly what they are!

These creatures are not White, they are not British and they certainly are not moral yet they find themselves in top places above the common folk who miss the signs and fall for the traps.

As recently we found in the Garron Helm case where imprisonment was thrown upon a young white man for exposing the truth, we…

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