Two days ago I have been reading about the murder on the South African Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa– who was shot by vigilantes in an attempted robbery and a scuffle around his cellphone while visiting his girlfriend at Vosloorus black township. What the so-called “ robbers”( as NASPERS always describe black thugs)– robbed- was only cellphones and a few loose articles.

After I read this specific article- my idiot box went a bit wandering- and I had a discussion with myself. After a lengthy discussion- “we “came to the conclusion that this man was not shot because the NASPERS “robbers” were out to “rob” this chap- but this sounded much like a specific“hit” for the one-or-other reason…maybe politically- maybe financial- maybe corporate driven…I dunno. Think of it soberly- why would a band of three – well- “robbers” went into this specific home to “rob” and kill for  a CELLPHONE? Even Meyiwa’s team mate Tsepo Masilela, tweeted: “How do you kill someone for a cellphone?” The other very interesting question is this: MOST blacks in South Africa are soccer FANATICS– and they know each South African soccer player by name. They eat, drink and sleep soccer- these black South Africans. Thus- those threeNASPERS “robbers” that went into that house SURELY must have RECOGNIZE the “man of men”– the CAPTAIN of the NATIONAL soccer team as well as goal keeper of one of the most well-known soccer teams in the soccer league- Orlando Pirates. I mean- they saw this chap on TV, on computer, on Laptop, on Tablet, in advertisements, billboards…name it- in the black corporate sport world he was well exposed for all to see.  If you open any South African soccer journal- you are SURE to see his face. Thus- when this three NASPERS “robbers” stood in front of him- eyed him FACE TO FACE- it is hard to believe they did NOT know who he was. Most probably he also TOLD them  he was “the man“- yet- yet they whacked him for a CELLPHONE???? This sounds a bit ridiculous- even for a layman like me. Something tells me this boytjie was targeted and “greased ” by someone that wanted him wasted- but then again- I might be wrong…it is just a bit of hindsight and I only want to like they say- “put it out there.”

Now- that being said- it brings me to the second issue I also picked up as I rummage through the zillions of reports we receive on a daily basis. As I was scrutinizing all the news items-  my eye were caught by yet another senseless murder- the one of a white farmer- one Johan van Rensburg– who was shot and killed by yet another bunch of NASPERS “robbers“- iow black thugs that rather belonged on the end of a rope than among people in the street- but whose identity and race are vehemently “protected” by NASPERS to act “ politically correct” and NOT reveal the truth that the majority crimes in this old stink bucket of a country are committed by BLACKS….that would be ” racist.”

Right- to continue-This black ( Oops- there I went and indicate the race again)-vermin went into the farmhouse at Leeudoringstad in North West Province South Africa-  tied up two black workers, a man and a woman on the farm Droekraal in the area on Saturday afternoon. When the white farm owner – Johan van Rensburg– arrived a few minutes later – he was shot dead in cold blood. After this hideous action- they forced one of Van Rensburgs workers- one Jim Ndumiso – to clean up the blood of the innocent victim they just have murdered. The  thugs  then allegedly put him in the boot of his car and fled the scene also with…..yes you guessed it…. CELLPHONES! Again…are cellphones used as a cover for other more hideous hidden agendas?  I tend to think so. Again the question arise:   “How do you kill someone for a cellphone?”  This is a question we whites have been asking for years as many white farmers were brutally murdered just for “cellphones.”  Cellphones seems to be the cover for something much more clandestine- like an orchestrated government or corporate killing. OK- so an alert button was triggered by the workers- which set most of the neighbors racing down- and searching the NASPERS “robbers”– which led to two of them getting their just sentence as two of the thugs were killed themselves by the neighboring farmers after the thugs tried to point firearms at the farmers – and a third maggot got arrested for the murder and robbery.

Football - Absa Premiership 2012/13 - Chippa United v Orlando Pirates - Athlone Stadium




So- now we have two similar cases here- both unnecessary needless murders, both “ robberies”– both by black NASPERS “robbers“- both cases the main theme was CELLLPHONES– both cases involved THREE black maggots- and both cases the NASPERS “robbers” executed the male victims in front of their families. The white victim was shot  on Saturday- the black victim on Sunday of the same (last) week. So- as I see it- there is many similarities between this two cases. The only noticeable differences is one victim was white- and one black. The other obvious difference is one was a soccer star- and one a local community star….but that is about where the differences stops. With  relevance to the crime itself- there is not much difference bar one took place in a black township- and one on a rural farm.  It is about at this point where thewhole scenario  between the two similar crimes takes a crude racist and blatant nepotistic hippocratic turn.

According to news reports- the killing of Senzo Mayiwa hit headlines across the world- with ANC politicians falling over their feet to send condolences to the Mayiwa family- which from a layman’s point-of-view- appears to be a noble gesture ( If you can believe ANYTHING a politician- especially the ANC- means when they say something I must add.) Condolences poured in from all political parties, media outlets- and public admirers- and most news outlets carried the headlines. Some of the condolences are:

Proteas cricketer Wayne Parnell said: “Saddened to wake up here in New Zealand and hear such horrific news about the passing of Senzo Meyiwa”

Irvin Khoza: “This is a sad loss to Senzo’s family especially his children, to Orlando Pirates & the nation.”

Corne Krige, South Africa’s ex-rugby captain, also took to Twitter to express his shock: “As a nation we must start standing up against violent crime. Prayers go out to family.”

A police spokesman told AFP, with club officials describing his slaying as a “loss to the nation”. A reward of up to R150,000 is being offered for any information that can lead to arrests of the NASPERS “robbers” that killed Mayiwa. Even the South African Police commissioner- Riah Phiyega– launched a press release- saying that  a special task team has been set up to investigate the murder of Senzo Meyiwa. The police, who are frequently criticised for their handling of investigations, have been eager to show that they have a firm handle on the situation. The question is- why does the police not have a “firm handle” on the farm murders- but many times do not even come out to investigate, bungle up investigations, tamper with evidence- and sometimes  “loose” court dockets- but this case they go ” all the way?” There is a perception that those with money or celebrity are treated differently by authorities, which critics say was the case in the trial of South African Olympic athleteOscar Pistorius. ” It takes a famous person before Riah Phiyega sets up special tasks team to investigate murders?” – one tweeter Tshepang Sebulela hit  the nail  on the head.

Appearantly his death has shaken even those in the highest office. “We mourn the death of this young footballer and team leader whose life has been taken away at the prime of his career,” President Jacob Zuma said. “The law enforcement authorities must leave no stone unturned in finding his killers and bring them to justice,” his statement said. “As a nation, we must take a stand against violent crime because it affects us all. The death of Meyiwa unfortunately highlights how communities live in fear for their lives,” South Africa’s Times newspaper quotes IFP MPPetros Sithole as saying . So- Mayiwa’s murder immediately hit the world media headlines with much political and public pomp and interest- and rightly so. After all- the man was a sport “celeb”– and in South Africa( as most of the world)– sport,- especially soccer- is BIG. We accept the fact that if a “celeb” is murdered- there will be some barrage of media and political attention on the highest levels….it is human nature- and also have some capitalist financial ripples afterwards- bar the fact that the star was a sportsman representing his team and country.


Now- after the Mayiwa media barrage- let us turn to the OTHER murder as described above- the murder of the white farmer….Johan van Rensburg( The WHAT farmer?????) Yea…..you read correct….the “what” farmer. Van Rensburg- although he also was murdered under thesame circumstances, the same week, the same way- by the same race NASPERS “robbers“…..his death did not even hit the back-page of most newspapers…least hitting the HEADLINES! There was just no space left as Mayiwa’s death was splattered all over the pages. Who WASVan Rensburg in any case.…just another white farmer that was murdered like so many others on a weekly basis. So…what is the big issue-killing white farmers in any case is a national sport among black (Oops) communist vigilantes- and also an approved operation that carries the authorization and approval from ilks like Zuma, Malema and many other ANC, PAC,EFF, SACP, ANCYL, SACPYL, Black Panther, AZAPO and hundreds of “black only” organizations…so- what s the big issue?  Whites are deemed ” fair game” by the communist despots anyhow. The“majority” want to exterminate the white colonials in any case- why should any rucus be made about it- it is just ” normal crime” in any case.Further-more- Killing white farmers is “constitutionally “ allowable  and acceptable as long as the majority can gain from it- and also if it could resolve Nkwinti’s  ”  whites stole our land” restitution and distribution  issue faster. Any case- In South Africa a white farmer has four times the chance of getting murdered than the average citizen and twice as many chances to get murdered as does a police officer.

The best the mainstream newspaper fraternity could do- was a report in Beeld and one in Maroela Media. It was mainly the social networksand alternative pro-white networks that carried most news of his dreadful ordeal….like most of the white murders in South Africa.  As for the rest of the national and international media – the ANC regime, our vile politicians, the “celebs”, the “who-is-who” fraternity and general public ….Van Rensburg was just another number that was added to the ever escalating crime statistics and white genocide that already surpassed70 000 victims  that will also eventually be doctored by shrewd police operators  to reflect as “ normal crime.” There were no politician that said anything after 4000 farmers and their families were brutally murdered- no IFP Petrus Sithole that said that the nation must “stand against violent crime ” as 4000 farm murders highlight how white farming communities live in fear. They will on the contrary- INSTIGATE farm murders by chanting “ Kill the Farmer- kill the Boer.” Only when one of “ theirs” are affected- they pay attention. Why does it take a black man – and not a white man- to be murdered to wake the communist “aristo” ANC fat cats up?  What is one life more important than the other? The reason…it’s all about politics and hipocracy. The bottom-line is thus: Our WORST enemies are not the soldier in another country, nor the Ebola or even natural disasters….- but factually our OWN  evil communist ” democratic” governments and  psychopathic politicians who wage a very deranged media psi-ops war against us to keep us divided.

To conclude- this is as far as “ the WHAT ?” farmer’s murder will go...no headlines, no condolences from politicians, no Corne Krige that sent condolences, no mentioning of the lost of a food producing star, no rewards of R 150 000, no special investigations….no Jacob Zuma that mourns his death or police that must leave no stone ‘ unturned” …..no nothing! His  murder will go down as yet another white media pauper- no recognition…no “special investigation” by a ” special investigation unit”…no nothing. He was just a white farmer- not even worthy to share the  same space in a newspaper front page along the news of celebs the likes of Meyiwa. This is how deep South Africa- and the world in general- has sunk into the deep abyss of communist hypocrisy and  liberal moral degradation. It has nothing to do with “racism”– it is not about Mayiwa or Van Rensburg-it is not about skin color,  it is not about classes...it is all about POLITICAL  and MEDIA hypocrisy!  The one murder get high profile attention…the other dies a pauper’s death. THAT is political  and media hypocrisy. The ANC communist regime and the South African media WANT to keep race division- they PROMOTE race segregation-they FLOURISH on racism- it keeps them in power and control. If there is no race distinction or division – they will eventually loose control, falter- and die.  As for Van Rensburg and many other innocent white victims and farmers that were brutally murdered and tortured in the name of “democracy’– well- their names will just stay numbers as long as we- the general conservative white public and so-called “Boer Organizations“- want to keep them just that through or own lack of patriotism…. unknown entities that died  media pauper’s deaths.

Source : http://www.whitenationnetwork.com/paper/?p=34340


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