Oh the pain of the liberals…

Oh the pain of the liberals…when they have to admit that they wasted their lives

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

South Africa never really had many big writers. A few like Wilber Smith, Alan Paton, Nadine Gordimer and J.M. Coetzee have made it big.

To make it really big, you obviously have to vilify whites and if you can vilify the Afrikaners in your mediocre fiction you will surely win the Nobel Prize for literature…and be knighted to boot.

That was the claim to fame of Nadine Gordimer, a LWB who spent her entire life writing unsubstantiated bollocks in her fictional works about Afrikaners and Apartheid that she knew nothing about. For her lifetime contribution to vilify the Afrikaners she was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991.

But then came 1994 and her beloved ANC terrorists took over the government and one by one the liberals started fleeing SA.

In 1998 her friend, Anne Paton, widow of Alan Paton who wrote “Cry the beloved country” fled her beloved ANC Marxist Utopia.

Why I’m fleeing South Africa by Anne Paton (widow of Alan Paton)

Then in 2004 came that other LWB campaigner and communist mattress, Helen Suzman, a friend of Gordimer, and said in a 16 May 2004 interview with the Tellegraph…Democracy? It was better under Apartheid

This is the same Helen Suzman who said in an interview with the Dutch Journalist Sibolt van Ketel of “De Telegraaf”… “I hate the Afrikaner. I hate his ways, his language and of course his politics.” Source One , Source Two

But it didn’t take long before justice caught up with Nadine Gordimer. In 2006 she was attacked by three noble savages in her home. She was assaulted, robbed of jewelry and locked in a storeroom. Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer attacked

What is the bet she blamed it all on the Afrikaners and Apartheid?

Shortly after that the ANC tried to pass their Media Tribunal and Protection of information Bill that would see the end of freedom of speech in South Africa. Aunti Gordimer almost had a fit.
Gordimer: SA freedom threatened
Info bill a threat to freedom: Gordimer

It is not sure exactly where or when Dame Gordimer (she was knighted for vilifying Afrikaners) experienced her Damascus moment and changed her name from Saul to Paul, but I think it was in an article where she had to admit that the ANC was turning the country into something far worse than Apartheid ever was. Gordimer: ANC taking SA beyond apartheid

I will quote what she said: “When we all voted together, which was a great moment in my life, [we thought] everything would be alright. That was a childish idea.”

…Yes Aunty…like all liberal ideas.

Today she went further. Nobel literature prize winner Nadine Gordimer poured scorn on South Africa’s education system…”Our education system is a wreck. It’s a shamble. I can’t believe that three-quarters of the year have gone by and so many of our schools, especially in the rural areas, have been without textbooks,” said Gordimer, 88, on SAfm public radio news.

Gordimer: SA education in a shambles

Oh the Irony, Oh the Justice…Her liberal Utopia that she so actively helped to create is being turned into a shit heap by her beloved noble savages right in front of her eyes.


One thought on “Oh the pain of the liberals…

  1. Wat jy saai sal jy maai en wat dink jy nou van die land.”THEY SAY ITS ALL OURS AND WE WILL KILL,RAPE.BURN AND STEAL IT” And nobody can do nothing.And Madem you thought it will not happen to me,because I am one of them.

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