Streets of Famine; The Genocide of Afrikaners

Nighttime in South Africa exhibits Streets of Famine for Afrikaners, faced with the most sophisticated form of state-induced famine and genocide of the modern times in the year 2011.

South Africa is a country situated at the Southernmost tip of Africa, and contrary to popular beliefs, developed and built by Caucasian descendants from Europe, almost 4 centuries ago; The Afrikaners.

This is the popular propaganda picture shown by state propagandists and travel agencies:

A country with a modern infrastructure, with cities in Johannesburg alone, linked together over an area exceeding more that 8 000 square kilometers; – and no African game in sight in this area, except for very small patches of land carrying small game. The same level of development is true of a multitude of other cities all over South Africa.

From the outside a modern state, with Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porches, Mercedez Benz’s, BMW’s, and other luxury cars in abundance decorating the highways of the country.

Except for small animal parks, the real big game and Big Five; the Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard and others, is found hundreds of kilometers away, and then again also only in big game parks.

However, it is the rot on the inside, governing the country with an ideology that failed spectacularly in Eastern Europe, with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, that permeates the countryside.

In 1994 the Marxist revolution of the African National Congress took a turn when they assumed power in South Africa.

Backed by the West and the ‘International Community”, the real revolution was about to begin internally in South Africa. Marxist revolutionary goals had yet to be achieved. The plundering of society, state coffers and the wealth of South Africa, began.

Not interested in the pain necessary to acquire skills, or gain an education in return for food on the table, the Marxist government and it’s followers desired the immediate fulfillment of their needs, in every aspect. The implementation of the Plunderer’s Values, was about to begin throughout society, from the government right down to the last follower.

Bread gained by hard-working Protestants was about to be plundered by those plunderers not interested in the pains of hard work; knowledge acquirement, or learning a trade or profession.

Immediately after assuming power gained by instilling fear through terror, into their ‘followers’, the Afro-American population, the ANC started to remove the Caucasians from their jobs and careers countrywide.

In places like Pretoria, that housed the government, and the state’s steelworks, the Caucasians were removed from their jobs, and barred by racist legislation from holding any job in the formal sector. These racist ‘Affirmative Action” legislation prevents these Afrikaner Caucasians from holding any gainful position in the formal economy for the majority of careers.

Faced with this racist legislation, as well as their removal from jobs, the demise of the Afrikaner communities in the larger part of South Africa was about to begin.

Unable to pay their bonds and their municipal fees, the majority of Afrikaners that held jobs in the government sector, and the large steel manufacturer, ISCOR, found themselves unemployed, without a home, and no prospects whatsoever under a new Marxist/African American government of plunderers.

A government regarded by the majority of Sunday African American newspaper Editors, as the “largest organized crime syndicate in the country”

A government viewed by Western Governments, as a ‘Rogue State”.

With rows and rows of Afrikaners, sleeping on the streets of major cities, like these in Pretoria; -these are the Streets of Famine for Afrikaners. This is for them; -their final resting place.

This is the real picture of Afrikaners in South Africa:

This is part of the genocide of Afrikaners.

How was this brought about by the Marxist ANC?

First and foremost, Marxist active measures and propaganda flooded the minds of the population since 1928 on instruction of the Komintern. South Africa was to be turned in a black governed, communist state.

Communist propaganda provided the ideological fuel for the revolution, and turned Afrikaners into demons, in the minds of the masses.

Amputating the masses from reality, and providing them with a militant activism against these Afrikaner-‘demons’ was the end result of a communist-directed propaganda war, lasting 66 years.

Legislation and a constitution that was supposed to collectively protect individuals, their property, and intellectual talents, became the main tools of a plundering government and society at large.

Laws that were supposed to protect, became the main plundering tools of the ANC; plundering the lives of Afrikaners.

Afrikaners that used only 4 % of the electricity in the country, are forced monthly to foot 89% of the overall electricity bill of the whole country.

A false demand for electricity was created in 1988 and 1990 when the ANC’S white supporters demised 5 000 megawatts of supply, and thus, generating capacity at Grootvlei, Camden and Komati, and forced 5 000 Afrikaners out of their homes.

Simultaneously demand was increased by Escom, by electrifying approximately 800 homes of Afro Americans per day since 1994.

All of these electrified homes of Afro-Americans, are immediately regarded as ‘bad debt’ by municipalities run by the ANC, and thus leaving Afrikaners to foot the electricity bills of the whole country.

These electricity bills for Afrikaners, together with the prevention-by-law, from having a gainful employment in the formal sector, forced them from their homes like criminals.

A step that is an indication for the Afro American masses, for the whole African continent; that these Afrikaners are to be treated as criminals, due to the example set by central government of South Africa. A step that indicates to the Afro-American continent, that Afrikaners are demons, and are the de-facto legal targets for a slaughter..

For the proud Protestant Afrikaners that built up this country, these streets became their final destination; their gulags; after being internally banished and declared ‘persona non grata’ by the Marxist government.

Denied any work, any government assistance; and any access to quality health care, and food; this what we see here, is the final resting place of Afrikaners, that once legally owned the land and founded a sovereign country.

These are the Streets of Famine, in the nighttime and nightmare gulags of Afrikaners.

This State-Induced Famine conducted against Afrikaners; is the most sophisticated genocide of the year 2011.

And this people lying here in rows on the streets of Pretoria, spells an ominous warning of what is about to follow, and happen to Caucasians in the United States of America, and Europe, should they lose their wars against multicultural societies.

In the USA, the Caucasians will be overrun with illegal immigrants from South America, that will change all laws, take over all means of production and capital, and reduce Caucasians in America to excrement on sidewalks, like this footage shows.

The same with the multicultural battle raging in Europe and Israel.

Should the current holders of political power lose their respective wars, against multiculturalism, it will mean the end of their cultures, society and history as we know it at present.

Afrikaner’s Streets of Famine, holds an ominous warning to the present-day USA, Europe and Israel.

It is a message not to be disregarded.


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