White fears are legitimate and real

by  Henri le Riche

“White fear” in South Africa is very legitimate and real. Minority rights, though protected in most true democratic countries, are not acknowledged in South Africa. It is irresponsible to say a minority, or certain individuals, do not have reason of fear when they are not recognised as such, nor have correct statistics from ”official” government sources to prove otherwise.

South Africa must portray the demographics of the population, yet the police statistics do not portray the correct data on how crime affects minorities. The South African Police Service does not maintain any records of crimes according to race. Therefore they cannot claim that Afrikaners specifically, whites in general, are not victims of racist crime to some degree. It is impossible to get a true picture of the extent of the problem, on top of asylum cases which are really just the extreme form of the current brain drain due to laws of the SA (ANC) government which discriminate on the basis of race. However, many asylum applicants have real legitimate reasons. Every case should be dealt with on individual circumstances. The main problem is the silence on hate crimes affecting the white minority and many whites are feeling that their voices are not heard.

So what is a hate crime? According to Wikipedia: “In crime and law, hate crimes (also known as bias-motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, sex, gender identity, social status or political affiliation.”

Hate crimes do not involve solely targeting victims on the above bases. They can be combined with burglary, assault, rape, etc. In order to get a picture of the difference between hate crimes and crime, let us look at the following:

Most victims of crime in SA are black people.

Most victims of violent crime in SA are black people.

Most victims of hate crimes are Afrikaners.

Not all violent crime against Afrikaners is hate crime.

Even the above cannot be scrutinized because we do not have official figures and have to go on what we are told from so-called “official” sources. Moreover, what many victims tell us is far removed from what these “official” sources claim.

The second group affected most by hate crimes are Africans (xenophobia).

The third group affected most by hate crimes is “corrective rape” of (black) lesbians.

These are the crimes that we are currently aware of. There could be, to a lesser extent, other hate crimes such as those between members of different political parties or factions. All people suffer from crime in SA, black and white, but when it comes to hate crimes it is obvious that in SA people seem to have a deliberate blindness on the subject depending on the race of the victims. These views need to end and the SA (ANC) government needs to act especially against farm murders.

How can you stop a problem when you are not willing to acknowledge the problem by calling it by its name? Denial seems to be the solution of the SA government to everything, and the willing population just follows blindly without digging a bit deeper and empowering themselves with information off the set track.

There is no affirmation by the SA government that any racism against whites exists at all. It is obvious the SA (ANC) government does not want to tarnish their “human rights” image, specifically abroad at whatever cost, rather than truly being a government for all South Africans, and dealing with issues in a balanced way without prejudice.

If we are to believe the SA government, their statistics and the SA Institute for Race Relations, zero hate crimes have ever been committed against Afrikaners. This is obviously not the truth. The facts – as recounted by victims – show otherwise, especially where individuals were racially abused when tortured, raped or murdered. It would also be incorrect to say all inter-racial crime is racially motivated, however, a significant number of cases seem to be race related. To say that hate crimes against whites do not happen at all makes you wonder about the eligibility of many of these sources, because this would be a deliberate lie.

As an example of corrective rape, a lesbian is raped to make her “straight”. If the victim has money on her, chances are the rapist will steal her money. It is still however seen as a hate crime. It is not classified as an assault with the intention to steal. Yet, where certain hate crimes against whites take place even with signs of racism against the white victims, the crime is downscaled because items were stolen. Why should this be the case? Are murderers only prone to burglary and not to racism? Are rapists prone to hate crimes, but not just murder?

It seems all people are equal but there are two sets of rules depending on the victim. Many hate crimes are racist, regardless of the victim. Only racists would deny this because only racists are unable to deal with issues in a fair and just way regardless the race of the victim or perpetrator. So why is the SA government silent on this? Acknowledge the problem and all South Africans, black and white, can fight racism with more vigour. Deny it and you are prolonging the sickness of racism, because you are looking the other way.

Hate crimes are denied by many in SA, maybe deliberately or due to ignorance. That many whites have a fear, are being discriminated against (not just Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment) and are targeted due to their race, are reality. The same can be said about other Africans, gays and black lesbians in SA.

Many rich whites and blacks live in well-protected ivory towers and seem blasé about what other less privileged individuals have to endure. On the other side there are many South Africans of all colours that get on well with each other and just want to get on with their lives and have the best for their families. This group is what we all strive for in South Africa. By ignoring the obvious it will just stay a pipe dream for many while more and more asylum cases will come to light, and nobody would know or understand why.


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