What is a “Boer”

“Take a community of Dutchmen
of the type of those who defended
themselves for 50 years against all the power of Spain at a time when Spain was the greatest power in the world. Intermix with them a strain of those inflexible French Huguenots who gave up home and fortune and left their country for ever at the time of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The product must obviously be one of the most rugged, virile, unconquerable races ever seen upon earth. Take this formidable people and train them for seven generations in constant warfare against savage men and ferocious beasts, in circumstances under which no weakling would survive, place them so that they acquire exceptional skill with weapons and in horsemanship, give them a country which is eminently suited to the huntsman, the marksman and the rider. Then, finally, put a finer temper upon their military qualities by an Old Testament religion and an ardent and consuming patriotism. Combine all these qualities and all these impulses in one individual, and you have the modern Boer, the most formidable antagonist who ever crossed the path of Imperial Britain.”

“The Great Boer War”, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


2 thoughts on “What is a “Boer”

  1. Nie die beskrywing van ‘n “modern” Boer nie, want Doyle is al ‘n goeie 80 jaar of so dood, maar interessant. Ek wonder wat hy vandag van ‘die Boer’ te sê sal hê…

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