Longing for ‘our’ own state

Published: 2011/09/20 07:34:06 AM (Business Day)
By Dan Roodt

(This answer to A Matshiqi in Business Day 20 September 2011 is an archive copy of the original that can be found here: Business Day)

Aubrey Matshiqi (Which path will we choose to peace and prosperity? September 16 ) is just so wrong when he writes that “whether we like it or not, we have a common destiny”.

Try and tell that to the million or so whites who have already fled the crime, mayhem, corruption and now “Kill a Boer” songs sung by the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League.

More fundamentally, however, SA is incapable of accommodating ethnic and racial diversity. Apart from the long-dead Boer republics, our state is a product of the British Empire and has retained its pretensions to a unifying and universal imperialism. Sooner or later, SA must go the way of all recent empires, such as the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia, and fall apart.

Incidentally, Soviet nationalities policy was far more enlightened and in keeping with modern thinking than the ANC and South African Communist Party’s (SACP’s) primitive one-nation concept. Already in the 1950s the SACP rejected the recommendations of the Soviet Academy of Sciences which would have ensured a federal structure for our country.

Certainly the mood among Afrikaners has turned decidedly separatist. Afrikaners would desperately like to secede, to escape the ethnic, racial and cultural domination of the ANC alliance, so aptly personified by Julius Malema’s abusive anti-Afrikaner statements and threats of radical land reform.

The only argument is about where a future Afrikaner state should be.

Is this the new promised land? – Some Afrikaners/Boers will now even consider a piece of barren desert karoo, just to escape the ANC.

Many Afrikaners would accept even a piece of the Karoo desert if real independence and sovereignty could accompany it.

It is also ironic that Mr Matshiqi should lament a “cultural genocide perpetrated by colonialism and apartheid” when blacks themselves explicitly rejected their own languages as media for education and literary expression.

Also, the damage inflicted on Afrikaans through the ANC’s colonialist anglicisation policy is far greater than anything that had ever occurred under Lord Milner or nineteenth-century British rule.

As a result of its inordinate level of development on a poor continent, SA under the ANC has become the first African-colonialist state, lording it over its ethnic minorities with an imperiousness to which few European powers, if any, ever arrogated themselves. The cliché of “reconciliation” is long past its sell-by date. Under ANC hegemony, reconciliation means accepting its demented version of our history and prostrating oneself before its outpourings of ethnic hatred in some bizarre choreographed version of the Stockholm syndrome.

Stalin spoke about the “internal émigrés” who refused to accept him unequivocally.

Although the first Roodt came to this country in the early 1700s, I certainly do not have a sense of belonging to this SA and would gladly travel under a refugee passport, until such time as an Afrikaner state could materialize.

Dan Roodt,


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